Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Barbuto, J. & Wheeler, D. (2007). Becoming a servant leader: Do you have what it takes?

Retrieved May 20, 2010 from

This article poses a very vital question to the perspective leader. It simply asks, “Do you have what it takes to be a servant leader?” The authors of the article introduce servant leadership by asking a series of questions, which causes the reader to determine if they may be a perspective servant leader. Next, the article focuses on 11 characteristics that identify a servant leader. Some of the characteristics include having a calling, being a good listener, having empathy, and having a commitment to the growth of people.

Crippen, C. (2005). The democratic school: First to serve, then to lead. Retrieved May 19, 2010


There has been a change in the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of educational leaders. Researchers believe that with the changes a variety of leadership types is in order. The author of this article believes that servant leadership is one such vehicle for change. Crippen states it is a transformational, democratic form of leadership that requires time to be put into place. This paper presents the framework of servant leadership along with suggestions for its development in the education arena.

Hall, J., Johnson, S., Wysocki, A., & Kepner, K. (2002). Transformational leadership:

The transformation of managers and associates. Retrieved May 22, 2010 from

The authors of this article state that the transformational leader determines the success level of an organization. They define leadership as noted by Northouse as a process where an individual influences a group to achieve a common goal. In order to be an effective leader, he or she must be able to influence their followers in a positive way so that the goals of the organization are met. The article addresses four factors related to transformational leadership, which are also known as the four I’s and discusses strengths and weaknesses of this model. Finally, the authors describe how to apply transformational leadership.

Lavery, S. (2009). Religious educators: Promoting servant leadership. Retrieved May 22, 2010 from

This article presents the promotion of servant leadership from the perspective of the religious educator. This is a difficult task for the religious leader as much more is required of them, as they have to be a leader not only with their colleagues, but also with parents and the community as a whole. Religious leaders need to be able to discern the appropriate style to use based on the situation. Servant leadership is most suitable for the religious educator because Jesus exercised this style; it provides the religious educator with principles to structure their teaching style; and, this style is a rather appropriate form of leadership to develop young students. In conclusion, Lavery expresses that incorporating servant leadership in the teaching curriculum can help the religious leader encounter the way Jesus interacted with people.

Liontos, L. (1992). Transformational leadership. ERIC Digest Number 72. Retrieved May 19, 2010 from

This article asks a number of questions based on extensive research on the transformational leader in education. One important question asked dealt with the goals of transformational leadership. The author cites a researcher, Leithwood that found transformational leaders use three goals. One goal helps the school staff develop and maintain school culture, the second foster’s teacher, development and the third helps teachers solve...
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