Cheap Air Travels Gives Ordinary People the Freedom to Travel but Others Feel That Air Travel Adds to the World’s Environmental Problems

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Air pollution Pages: 4 (1018 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Block method outline
I. Introduction
Hook- Air travel has become a common transportation among most of the people in this world. Background information- Approximately 1,423,500,000 people travels by airplane per year and 3,900,000 passengers travel by flight every day. What the writer intends to do- Discuss why huge number of people using air travel to travel.

A. Paragraph 1
1. Topic sentences 1
* Many of people prefer to choose travel by cheap air travel because of it amount. * Make this world more peace and harmony
* Government have funds to invest into basic fields in the country * Make someone more relaxed and release heavy pressure.

2. Supporting detail
* Gives a person the chance to travel to places where he would like to visit with only a minimum amount. * Promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding and it will make this world a peaceful place to living in. * Visitors from other countries will increase tax revenues especially in those tourism-focused counties and government for that particular country will have more funds to invest. * They may get relaxed and release heavy pressure from life or work when they can travel to the place that they love.

B. Paragraph 2
1. Topic sentence 2
* Low-cost air travels have been subject to criticism by governments and regulators. * Global environmental problems.

2. Supporting detail
* It is because aircraft are one of the major sources of greenhouse gases that can cause air pollution. * Air travel has been estimated to contribute between 3-30% of global warming. Study conducted by Mayer Hillman, Town & Country Planning magazine, they estimated that a single transatlantic return flight emits almost half the CO2 emissions.

C. Paragraph 3
1. Topic sentence 3
* Everyone should have the opportunity to travel by air.

2. Supporting detail
* Airplane is not the biggest contributor to climate change so far....
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