Examine Why Time-Space Convergence Occurs at Different Rates in Various Parts of the World

Topics: Time, Universe, Economics Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Examine why time-space convergence occurs at different rates in various parts of the world. (15 marks)

The basic concept of time-space convergence is when ‘the travel time required between places decreases and distance declines in significance’, and is used to examine the changing nature of spatial relationships. Time-space convergence occurs at different rates across the world, with some areas of the world having seen little in developments of technological links, or lacking available communications due to the physical Geography of the area in order to obtain lower travel times between places. The main reason for differences in rates of time-space convergence across the world is due to wealthier nations having the ability to have the latest available technology with transport innovation. This involves improvements in a specific mode of transport as well as improvements in transport infrastructure increasing its overall efficiency, which help a city’s or country’s accessibility and may lead to an even greater demand for further improvements. Travel times have decreased dramatically over the past 100 years, with the travel time between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in the USA, which took 500 minutes in 1901 and only 100 minutes in 2001. Global time-space convergence is not spatially uniform, which implies that some regions benefit more than others. For example, time-space convergence through transport systems in Western Europe and North America, and across the North Atlantic, has taken place at a faster rate than other regions of the world, such as Latin America or Africa. It can be assumed that as economic and infrastructure development takes place around the world, time-space convergence is likely to become more uniform, with poorer countries, especially RICS and BRICS having their rates if time-space convergence increases. Popularity and demand also has an effect on travel times. Due to higher demand, airplanes now fly to more and more places, and more...
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