Charles Finney the Great Revivalist

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Charles Grandison Finny was born in Connecticut on august 29, 1792. His family was not religious and didn’t teach him much about being Christian. He was an excellent student in school. When he grew up he was a lawyer. He heard enough about the bible to know he wasn’t going to heaven that scared him. So one day he ran in the woods and said if he didn’t find God he wasn’t coming back.

When he came out of the woods he felt the love of God. He wanted to be God’s lawyer. He met with his client and said he had to quit the case and to go be God’s lawyer. He was really blunt when teaching about God he was more like a lawyer than a pastor. When he started preaching he noticed that people where just pretending to be Christians and really weren’t living as Christians. He told them the truth about Christianity and challenged them to be real Christians.

Finney preached firmly in a way that people had never heard before and at first people didn’t like him or his way of preaching. He continued to challenge them to be the way god wants them to be and after a while they began to understand him and his way of preaching. Finney had a great impact on people of his time.

Charles Finney proves that when you believe in something strong enough anything is possible. Finney proved that by finding God and convincing people to change their ways even when they didn’t like him. If more people in the world where like Finney everyone would be able to stand up for what they think is right and the world would be a better place.
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