Character of the 21st Century

Topics: Middle East, Asia, Africa Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The expected character of the 21st century will be chaotic. One reasons why is because of the fight for control of resources. The world seems to always be in some kind of transition, especially in the Middle East. These countries own the oil but the rest of the world needs the oil. When the world figures out how to live without the oil in Middle East region, it will help ease a lot of the chaos in the region. There seems to be some kind of conflict between these countries constantly. The second reason is the cultural differences. Because of the different cultural differences it also makes the region unstable. There is nothing that can be done to fix the cultural differences of the world, not just the Middle East. The people of the Middle East that have had their leaders overthrown and replaced with corrupted rulers. These nations were and are looking to gain their freedom. For the nations of the Middle East to be destabilized by other countries because of natural resources will cause chaos in the region. Libya has the largest supply of oil in Africa. With Libya being out of control, it creates an unstable situation, on the continent of Africa. when a country has exhausted their own resources, that can and will create chaos in a region. In reality countries are creating chaos over land resources that will eventually lead to fighting over land resources. At some point we will have to figure out how to survive without the use of the natural resources for the Middle East region. In reality, there will always be aggressive actions as long as nations seek international and domestic goals that may be at odds with other nations cultural differences exist between societies that lead to tensions imperial expansions and aggressions become a nation’s standard policy dictatorships that are not accountable to their population continue to flourish and human nature continues to symbolize Darwin’s model of survival of the fittest. This does not indicate that human beings...
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