20th Century Events

Topics: Nazism, Fascism, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The eighteen through twentieth century political events have had positive and negative effects on global history. The Rise of Nazi in Germany and The Rise of Totalitarianism in Russia have had different impacts throughout the world. Also the historical circumstances leading up to these two events are different in many ways. After World War 1, the Weimar government in Germany faced many problems as people looked for someone to blame for their defeat in the war. Extremists on the far left and on the far right threatened revolts. Also, the terrible inflation of the 1920s caused many Germans to have little faith in the government. In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler gained control of the Nazi party, a nationalistic, anti-communist, anti Semitic organization. Hitler won popular support by blaming Jews for Germany's defeat in World War I and for its economic troubles. He claimed that the German people belonged to a superior "Aryan" race that was destined to rule the world. As the Great Depression caused unemployment to rise in the early 1930s, many desperate people found hope in the Nazi party. In 1933, Hitler used the threat of a communist uprising to gain power. He then moved against all opposition parties and set up a fascist state in Germany. Hitler used many of the methods of Stalin and Mussolini to build a totalitarian state in Germany. The Nazis preached the need for hard work, sacrifice, and service to the state. The Gestapo, or secret police, arrested anyone suspected of opposing Nazi rule. The Nazis used the press, schools, and even churches to glorify their goals. They also waged a violent campaign against Jews, sending many to concentration, or prison, camps. To end unemployment and improve the economy, Hitler launched vast building programs, banned strikes, and placed strict controls on wages and prices. He also increased the German military, a step that violated the Versailles Treaty. The League of Nations condemned German rearmament, but did little to stop...
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