Rise of Hitler(2 Page Paper)

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Matt Flint

Nazi Paper
The Rise of Hitler and the Nazis

Looking back on history, it almost seems impossible that an entire nation of people could follow and accept Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to govern their country. When the first World War suddenly slammed to a halt, the soldiers felt betrayed. They came back to Germany and saw that their families were still living in poverty. The people of Germany didn't want to blame themselves for how they were living, so, almost naturally, Jews became the scapegoats. Everything was a mess and Germany seemed to be spiraling down into nothingness. The German people started to seriously question the democracy they were under. It obviously wasn't working, and they started to believe that they needed one man to fix these issues, and that man just happened to be Adolf Hitler. The reason Hitler rose to power was the aftermath of World War I, his charisma and popularity, and the miscalculations of the German people and Government. After World War I, Germany was held completely responsible for the war. Reparations were forced down up on them through the Treaty of Versailles. The German government panicked and started to print an overabundant amount of Deutschmarks, causing a legendary amount of inflation. Millions of Germans were suddenly unemployed and in utter fright. They were lost, but Hitler came up with a short term patch to the economy. Through the power of Militarism, he created one of the largest armies in Europe. People had jobs making weapons, bullets, uniforms, and anything else that a military would need. Germany was finally feeling some economic prosperity, and the Hitler became extremely popular with German people for that very reason. Hitler and his staff were the masters of propaganda. Hitler's speeches would talk about how the Treaty of Versailles was a crime against Germany and that the Jews were to blame. The treaty of Versailles states that Germany was unable to have a military, and must...
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