Life in 100 Years

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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In about 100 years, organized tours will be frequent to the space and moon. The tourism industry will be more vertical than horizontal.   The internet would have already taken every nook and corner of the earth in detail to the drawing rooms of peoples’ homes.   Family structure will erode. Very few women will opt for permanent  marriage or child bearing. Pregnancy and its complications will seek them for renting wombs and resort to artificial insemination. O, this is already in vogue, right? May be cloning will replace it. But the chances of the latter is less. Nobody wants exact replicas. Diversity will be more attractive.  The holy or divine purpose of marriage –reproduction of children in the ‘image of god’ –will give way for sexual pleasure. The population will dwindle in all the advanced countries-it has already taken effect in many a developed nation. Marriage of convenience will be more sought after. The strong ties of family is bound to erode and there will be professional homes to bring up children like we have ‘old age homes’ More and more women will be working and the gender gap will close up.   Gene banks will be common and man will place a lot of emphasize on super-intelligent and disease free kids. Genetic engineering would remove all traits of a host of genetically transmitted afflictions. Biomedicine and biotechnology will advance fast.   Man would have succeeded in conquering the ageing process and the average age of man will cross hundred and ten in all the advanced countries. He will be at the brink of conquering death? In another century, perhaps, man will decide when he will die. The gods can take rest  and heaven and hell will be less thickly populated.    Will religions have the mad sway which they enjoy now? Most probably no. There will be a total transformation. At least half of humanity will deliver themselves from the clutches of organized religions. But as the religious roots can be traced to the very beginning of man’s evolution, as...
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