Character Analysis: Iago

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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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Karolis 12A

Iago is a character who is admired and loathed in the equal measure to what extent is he both a hero and villain of Tragedy?

In the play Othello by William Shakespeare Iago gets introduced in act 1 scene 1 where he had been complaining to the audience and Roderigo that he had not been chosen to be the lieutenant but Cassio being chosen instead of him by the likes of Othello. Shakespeare from this scene had shown the audience that Iago will be the Stimulus in the play causing the tragedy in the play because we have seen that he has a motive which is to gain revenge over Othello. This will straight show the audience that he is a villain alike character in this play because of this negative motive he has, so in the beginning of Act 1 Scene 1 Iago will be most likely seen as the villain. But on the other hand the audience might sympathise with Iago because he had not been chosen to be the lieutenant and that his motive understandable but he will still not be seen as the hero but a character some people can relate with, especially in the context this play had been written, The reason are that most people watching this would have been peasants in their society and the only character they would have been able to relate with is Iago. Also that in the context of this play people might have been a racist and not have seen Othello as a hero but Iago being a victim of Othello because his colour and that they might believe that Othello does not deserve being a general.

Iago would be most likely seen as a villain to the modern audience because of his mischievous motive and how out of proportion it is from his goal, the audience might feel sympathy for Iago but will most likely not agree what he is doing is a good enough reason to do his plan, but it is possible that the audience say he is a villain but really it is possible that the audience want him to prosper because of his cunning us of him and his plan. The reason for this is because most...
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