Iago and His Evil Road to Fulfill His Fantasy

Topics: Othello, Iago, Michael Cassio Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Rosarina Garcia
Iago and his Evil Road To Fulfill his Fantasy

In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago plays the role of the villain. Due to being insecure and being passed for promotion he creates this fantasy and does whatever he can, even goes to extremes to make his fantasy a reality. Throughout the play Iago deceives and manipulates everyone who stands in his way of making his fantasy a reality. Iago uses his intelligence and also trickery to do so.

Iago is two-faced throughout the play, making himself seem as if he is innocent to his victims. One of Iago’s most important victims is Roderigo. Roderigo played an important role in Iago’s plot to make his plan a reality. Iago makes Roderigo believe he is his friend and on his side. When Roderigo feels like giving up Iago manipulates him, telling him that he is doing what he can in order for him to be with Desdemona, “It cannot be long that Desdemona should continue her love to the Moor.. nor he his to her. It was a violent commencement in her, and thou shalt see an answerable sequestration... These Moors are changeable in their wills... The food that to him now is as luscious as locusts shall be to him shortly as bitter as coloquintida. She must change for youth. When she is sated with his body she will find the errors of her choice” (I. iii. 305-310). Iago here uses his intelligence telling Roderigo that Othello is a much older man and overtime Desdemona will want a younger man, which seems very reasonable. Roderigo is in a way Iagos sidekick, he knows Iago is up to no good but doesn’t know that he is being used. In the beginning of the play of Act I Iago and Roderigo are having a conversation, you can tell from Roderigo’s text that he trusts Iago even stating that he gives him money. Little did Roderigo know that he was also a part of Iago’s scheme. Later in the story Iago continues to manipulate Roderigo. Iago tells him that he knows he has “courage and valor” and that he must show that by...
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