Chapter 8 Quiz

Topics: Array, Prime number, Integer Pages: 3 (469 words) Published: June 5, 2011
Chapter 8 Quiz 1. Processing a large number of items in a(n) ________ is usually easier than processing a large number of items stored in separate variables. (Points : 6)       Constant
      None of the above |
2. What is the term used for the number inside the bracket that specifies the number of values that an array can hold? (Points : 7)       Size
      Size declarator
      Number declarator
      None of the above |
3. Access the individual elements in an array by using their _____________. (Points : 6)       Sizes
      None of the above |
4. Which is the simplest search technique to use to find an item in an array? (Points : 7)       Sequential
      None of the above |
5. Which of the following arguments must be passed when passing an array as an argument? (Points : 6)       The array itself
      An integer that specifies the number of elements in the array       The data type of the array
      A and B
      A and C |
6. ________________ arrays are two or more arrays that hold related data, and the elements are accessed using a common subscript. (Points : 7)       Sequential
      None of the above |
7. How many subscripts do you need to access one element in a two-dimensional array? (Points : 6)       One
      None of the above |
8. Two- dimensional arrays can be thought of as containing ___________. (Points : 6)       Rows and columns
      Lines and pages
      Rows and pages
      Lines and columns
      Rows and pages |
9. A three-dimensional array can be thought of as ______ of two-dimensional arrays. (Points : 7)       Rows
      None of the above |
10. In the following declaration, what is the...
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