Changing Values of Today's Youth

Topics: Human, Sociology, Value Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 13, 2013
We Are Living In 21st Century, Aren’t We? Most Advanced Era Of The Human Kind Till Date Called Facebook Generation. Definitely The Values Of the Today’s Youth Are Changing But It Is Said That Change Is Constant But That change Should Always Be Positive. So The Today’s Youth Is Lacking In its Core Value and That’z Compassion. Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. In short Compassion Means Giving..! We, Indians Have the Potential To Feed The Extra 25 Crore People, If We are Compassionate. The Today’s Youth Should be Physically Fit, Mentally Sound, Intellectually Smart, Spiritually Calm, follow culture to achieve identity and success in one’s goals and vision.This Overall Is Called Holistic Growth. Majority Of Today’z Youth Is Not Physically Fit Since They Rely On Junk food and Not have Balanced Diet. Todays Youth Is Having Mental Stress.

Todays youth should follow culture because Man without culture is a Vulture…! Todays generation is multi tasking i.e they act but they don’t hv clear vision which leads to the division of concentration. If we have the vision and no action then we are certainly living in the world of illusions We should have the clear vision n act accordingly since

Action + Vision = Transformation
Today’s youth is the ignited mind which is most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth. The key societal members who can make a difference are Father, Mother and teacher since they are the Mentors Of the Today’z Youth
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