Young People Today Have a Much Easier Life Than the Equivalent Age Group in Previous Generation

Topics: Youth, Young, Arithmetic mean Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: October 31, 2012
It is the fact that young people today have an easier life than the equivalent age group in previous generation, but it does not mean that they have a much better life. On the contrary, they have to suffer from more pressure in life than in the past. Compare with the previous generation, the youth today have more chances to make decision by themselves. In the other words, they are more free and dependent. For example, in the past, parents always interfere to their children’s life and push them to what they want even when their kids were not in favors such as marriage arrangements. Meanwhile, in the present, parents mostly allow them to do what they are interested in and try to give good advices to them; instead of causing arguments which easily break family relation. Moreover, today we have the internet, iPods, gaming devices, etc. We also know a lot more scientifically, which can help with our homework and other stuff. All makes the youth’s life become easier. However, the easier life young people have the more pressure they must be suffer. It mainly is the pressure of expectation. Young people are always expected to act, speak and dress in a certain way. They often have concern about their future such as what to do when they leave school, what to be like, and what to satisfy their people around, especially their parents. Some people may not disagree with this idea because they claimed that in the past the youth also have the same pressure as the young today. It maybe the truth, but apparently, the pressure the older had to suffer is not as tough as the younger has to do now. Because of the easier and more comfortable life, the youth are expected to achieve more success. Because of more high standard quality of society, the youth have to try harder to be accepted in. In conclusion, although the life is much easier today, our young people must be always in ready to face with all hard challenges which can happen at anytime. Our duty is working hard to...
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