Changing Behavior

Topics: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Reward system Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: May 25, 2013

Learning and Conditioning

Abraham Shemiran

Cuyamaca College



I am going to create a method (using reinforcement only) to increase the frequency of a selected behavior of my girlfriend. I will have to observe the subject and then carefully define the behavior I want to increase in its frequency. More closely I will be executing the following,

Discovering the behavior wish to increase and why, the types of reinforcements I plan to use and why, the type and schedule of reinforcement I will use and why, and lastly how I am going to assess the behavioral change

Changing Behavior 3

Psychology gives you the power to understand the mind and to manipulate the mind. In the time I have been going out with my girlfriend, the thing that I have noticed the most is that she dislikes the thought and action of getting up for school. I think this is very dreadful, for she is a senior and is almost done thus she needs to get to school and not be late. The behavior I am going to decrease is her getting up late and the behavior I want to increase is her getting up early and her getting to class on time. In order to change her not getting up I am going to use an unhealthy positive reinforcement. One thing I have noticed is that my girlfriend really likes or should I say loves ice cream, she is always asking me to get her ice cream . Ice cream is always anything she ever wants, and another thing she loves is always kissing me and from these two things I have come to understand that these two things can push her to do anything. In...
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