Single System Paper

Topics: Applied behavior analysis, Behaviorism, Psychology Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Single-System Design Thought Paper
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Kimberly T. Washington
In implementing behavioral modification techniques, setting clear goals, and charting data for outcomes is critical (Martin and Pear, 2007). Due to the diversity of practice subjects, and settings, as well as environmental factors, application and data collection of many types of interventions must be adaptable as well as effective (Marchant, M., Renshaw, T., & Young, E., 2006). In an effort to apply evidence-based inventions to practice, different research tools have been designed over the years in order to gain accurate and detailed information about intervention outcomes (Marchant, M., Renshaw, T., & Young, E., 2006). Single-system design is one of the methods created to gather empirical data for the purposes of evaluation of the functional relationship between behaviors and interventions (Marchant, M., Renshaw, T., & Young, E., 2006). Developed out of the psychology field in the last 30 years, single-system design has made it possible to obtain accurate and reliable measurements (Blythe, B. J., & Rodgers, A. Y. 1993). Combining several applications based on the type of data required, single-system allows for measurement of different baselines at different intervals if necessary (Marchant, M., Renshaw, T., & Young, E., 2006). This approach has received criticism for what some categorize as lack of appropriateness and artificiality in application (Blythe, B. J., & Rodgers, A. Y. 1993). This paper will explore the lack of feasibility of this approach in typical contemporary mental health agencies. Single System Approach in Mental Health Agencies

Single-system design is comprised several design models. Each model has various advantages and disadvantages as it relates to the type of desired date and outcome (Alberto, P., & Troutman, A. 2006). Many of the cases discussed in the recommended literature give examples of...
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