Changes in Technology in the Last Two Decades

Topics: Police, Human, Nutrition Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Briana Moreno

How has technology changed in the last 20 years?

Computers have greatly affected American life with the access of information, speed when receiving information , the multimedia and the positive/negative affects of computers. In the last 100 years ago, the way to get information was flipping through the pages of books and asking other people. Today you can carry a device the size of a book and receive access to what you want. The computers took a lot of time just to turn it on and be able to use it. When people used the computers 100 years ago, it might have cause a lot of exasperation, meaning frustration, that you could not even turn the computer on. The average person would just ignore the computer and continue to do something else. Computers can be a positive idea but also have a negative idea. When people use a computer, we can use it to find answers to our questions. Police insert reports of crimes in their own computer which that makes it easier to use less paper. With those reports, other police officers, detectives can use those facts to help solve a crime/problem. Today almost every police, doctors, and in offices have a computer or a tablet to keep records of their patients today. Technology also has some negative impacts on human life. People are getting fat because they don't exercise. Instead of eating a healthy food and exercising, people decide to eat fast foods and not get the right exercise they need to have for their health and gain a lot of weight. That's why some people these days are over weight because of the technology there is today. With more technology being invented daily, people are buying the new technology and then they are not getting enough exercise they need and causing themselves higher health risks. The multimedia of computers is extraordinary a lot of intelligence. With a computer, you can send electronic mail throughout the world. For example, a person can be in India and if they are trying to send a...
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