Changes and Trends for Marketers in the Behaviour of Consumers for the 2013

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Title: Most Important Changes and Trends for marketers in the behaviour of consumers for the 2013, in the way consumers make decisions, purchase, consume and dispose of different products and services. Word Count: 1562 words including in-text citation.

 | TREND| Cited in: (number of sources)| What topic the trends cover| 1| Mass media is no longer effective for mass media - digitalisation | 9| Digitalisation and overall trends in Global markets| 2| Digital marketing will be continue to expand (with new ways to reach the audience)| 8| | 3| Mobile phone (smartphone) usage will boom, more uses especially for mobile marketing| 7| | 4| It is no longer about the message in an advert it is about recognition and reminding the consumers of the brand (in social media)| 5| | 5| Customisation - integrated marketing campaigns| 5| | 6| Growing importance of marketing for businesses| 4| Advertising and use of media | 7| Short and consistent messages more desirable - no overload of data| 3| | 8| POS| 3| |

9| Government will try to reach higher audience by using social media / mobile applications| 2| | 10| Marketing budgets will be smaller (advertising in Europe) | 2| | 11| Truthful advertising key for successful adds / no deceptions; real adverts| 8| | 12| Consumers know more about the products and research before purchase| 6| Consumer wants and needs| 13| Eco-friendly products, packaging and company image will be desirable by consumers (healthier)| 6| | 14| Local manufacturing, products, artists etc. All will experience more popularity (especially small local shops)| 6| | 15| Listen to consumers and encourage them to talk about the brand - market research| 5| | 16| Middle class is emerging - more marketing will be aimed at that economic sector| 2| | 17| Less brand orientated| 2| |

18| People are more busy and impatient| 6| Consumer behaviour changes| 19| More emotions put into brand | 5| |
20| There are less and less differences between the age groups and gender| 5| | 21| Marketing needs to be more personalised - people want to be treated individually | 4| | 22| Growing importance on STP| 4| |

23| Search for value| 4| |
24| Children will have a bigger influence on buying behaviour| 3| | Table 1: 24 Most mentioned trends found in the research that will be covered in the essay, colour sorted by relationship with each other. (Cited in: combined based on all references shown on pages **)|  | | |

This essay will be covering the key trends and changes in the consumer behaviour that will influence marketers in 2013. They will cover the way consumers make decisions, purchase, consume and dispose of different products and services. Real life examples of companies will be used across different sectors, industries, and countries. Table 1 shows trends that will be covered in this essay, it has been combined by analysing different sources and materials on the topic and choosing the most important trends that were mentioned in the sources.

Mass media is no longer the way to get to the mass population (Medley, 2013) this is due to the increased use of technology as the digital marketing has seen a major increase in the online spent which last year alone increased to 12.6% (£6.2bn) and is expected to grow even more (Kemp, 2013). This will lead to digital agencies doubling in numbers due to the increased demand (1Savitz, 2013) especially in the online retail industry; companies like ASOS, Amazon are to increase the online marketing spent (Currie, 2013) because consumers are switching to more convenient and easily accessible - digital commerce (JWT, 2013). Therefore increase in marketing budget may be influenced by the growing IT demand (1Savitz, 2013) as the companies are getting used to E-commerce and M-Commerce (Currie, 2013). This is leading to mobile phone innovations (smartphones) like applications, photo...
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