Marketing in the Digital Age: Questions and Answers

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  • Published : March 8, 2005
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Marketing In The Digital Age ANSWERS

Be sure to answer all parts of each question. Be sure to use complete sentences whenever appropriate.

Good Luck!

1.What were the four major forces that shaped the digital age?

Digitalized and Connectivity
Internet Explosion
New type of Intermediaries
Customization and Customerization

2.What are the four major e-commerce domains?

Business to Consumer
Business to Business
Consumer to Consumer
Consumer to Business

3.Define internet, intranet and extranet

Internet: A vast public web of computer networks, which connect users off all types
Around the world to each other and to an amazingly large information repository.

Intranet: A network that connects people within a company to each other and to the Company network.

Extranet: A network that connects a company with it's suppliers and distributors.

4.Discuss the benefits of integrating online selling with in-store selling (use examples).

For example the store Game Stop and Game Stop dot com. They have an advantage on both territories and they broaden the customer base, by being available and online. You can afford to discount more sometimes online, to keep the customer shopping, and the company can make the customer service base open both online and in person, no matter how you bought the product. Also if you there was a problem with the product, you can physically take it back to the store and they can return or exchange. So the benefits are great, because the company has both markets at it's advantage.

5.E-commerce and the Internet bring many benefits to both buyers and sellers alike. Briefly discuss the benefits to both buyers and sellers.

For buyers they might get the opportunity to by a mass quantity at a low price and it can keep a company's overhead down. For a buyer, to me the main element is convenience, because you do not have to go to...
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