Chamberlain Appeasement Speech

Topics: World War I, World War II, League of Nations Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Fellow parliament members, I stand here today, to address the topic of appeasement with Germany. As all of you may know, appeasement is something that is of utter importance to me. I personally believe that by all means, we should do whatever is necessary in order to prevent war. There are many points that I have to address that will help us to do so. These points will also make it more clear as to why appeasement is the most practical course of action, not only for the welfare of our country, but for the welfare of our people. The first point that I will address is that frankly, many of our people want nothing more than to keep Britain out of war, no matter what it takes. These people remember clearly all of the hard times that occurred during and after World War I. Some of these struggles included losing almost an entire generation of men, and once the war was over, trying to recover economically which we still have not yet fully done. They all dislike even the thought of having to go through that again, which I fully support. If we can come to an agreement with Germany in order to prevent an outbreak of war, I believe that we should do everything in our power to do so. Another reason that we should try our best to maintain peace with Germany is the brutality of their warfare. We can see this clearly portrayed by how they fought during the Spanish Civil War. Since World War 1, many new methods of fighting have been developed, some of which are much for deadly and destructive than any other that we have used before. A great example of this comes from the bombing at Geurnica. This attack occurred on April 26, 1937. The goal of this attack was to completely destroy Geurnica. If we were to enter the war, then the same fate could be brought upon us. As an enemy of Germany, Hitler would have no real reason not to just bomb us all if he felt the need to. An obvious reason for trying to maintain peace with Germany is that Britain is simply unprepared for a war. We...
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