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Grew from the Farmer’s Alliance
Free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at 16:1 ratio
Increased circulating medium (no less that $50 per capita)
Graduated income tax
It was big in the 1890s (major electoral victories)
Several members of the House of Representatives and the election of 1 U.S. senator Against monopolies
More Democratic government (more control to people)
Wanted more direct government action to help the working class Government ownership of railroads, telegraph, and telephone
Government subsidies to assist in stabilizing agricultural prices 8 hour work day
Direct election of U.S. senators
Increased voter power with the use of initiative referendum and recall “people’s party”
1892 candidate was James J. Weaver
1896 endorsed William Jennings Bryan
United States tried to get world dominance
Captain Alfred Mahan and his book “The Influence of Sea Power Upon History” said that control of the sea was the key to world dominance U.S. was fighting with Britain over control of Venezuela
Olney said to Britain that they were violating the Monroe Doctrine because the U.S. had claimed the whole western hemisphere At first, Britain was opposed to this and angry with the U.S. Then, Britain’s anger was turned to the Germans and they wanted a peaceful settlement with the United States Spanish American War

One cause was the Wilson Gorman tariff
Fighting began in the Philippines in 1898
Was fought to free the Philippines from Spanish rule
Americans were fed up with how the Spaniards were treating the Cubans Admiral Dewey destroyed the Spanish fleet in the Pacific
American ship, the Maine, was sunk in the Havana harbor (from an explosion on the ship) Hertz and Pulitzer blamed Spanish (yellow journalism)
Theodore Roosevelt led the “Rough Riders” up San Juan hill Result was the United States got the Philippines, which made them a major power in the Pacific Yellow Journalism and reconcentration were taking place before this, which gave Cubans sympathy McKinley made the Teller Amendment, assuring Cuba and the world that the United States would grant Cuba independence one the war ended United States got Guam and Puerto Rico

Fighting in Cuba was difficult because of disease
Ended with the Treaty of Paris with Spain, giving the U.S. Guam, Puerto Rico, and Philippines The biggest problem was what to do with the Philippines because he didn’t wasn’t to give it back to Spain because Spain mistreated them Felt they couldn’t govern themselves because it could start an anarchy or Germany could try and take over, possibly starting a World War Granger’s Goals for Farmers:

Original goal was self improvement, but eventually the improvement of the farmer’s collective plight Didn’t was them to be dependent on trusts anymore
Wanted to start Co-ops
Own grain elevators and warehouses for producers
Most ambitious thing was trying to manufacture harvesting machinery, but it didn’t work Wanted to regulate Railway rates and storage fees charged by operators or warehouses and grain elevators Was for farmers to come together and to be more collective

Dawes-Severalty Act:
Began in 1887
Designed to break up Native American tribes
Offered individual families 160 acres of free land
Extra land that wasn’t given to Indians was sold to railroad companies and the profits were used to educate the Native Americans Completely ignored traditional indian culture
It tried to force Indians to assimilate to the white man’s way of life Homestead Act:
Began in 1862
Opposed by the south before secession
Settler could get 160 acres of land if he or she lived on it for 5 years, improved it, and paid a nominal fee or $30 (or $1.25/acre) Purpose was to get ride of excess land in the west and to get more people to come west Many large corporations were paying individuals to get land for them It marked a drastic change from previous policy

About 5X more people purchased land than took this land
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