Ww1 M.A.I.N Causes

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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n the latter half of the 19th century an arms race began to Develop , this in itself was causing tensions  In Germany the Kaiser Wilhelm II had rid himself of Bismark and his conservative foreign policy of diplomacy and avoidance of conflict, with a rash and belligerent quest for glory. The facts that the rulers of Great Britain , Germany and Russia were first cousins did nothing to reduce the levels of tension. National security was a critical issue for all the major states, the developing tensions meant that no single nation felt secure by itself and every one of them needed allies on whom they could depend . In 1879 , Germany ,Austria-Hungary formed an alliance . They were joined by Italy because of it`s historic antipathy towards France . In response , Russia and France signed the `Double Entente ` in 1894 . Britain had yet to decide it`s position . London was suspicious of the growing might of Germany , but she had clashed with France over the Sudan in 1898 . In late 1903 Britain and France signed the ` Entente Cordiale ` . It was not a formal alliance , but a friendly `understanding` , and neither country was under any obligation to come to the aid of the other in the event of war . In August 1907 Britain strengthened it`s commitment to France by signing an agreement with Russia. Europe was divided into two powerful blocs. Europe was faced with four major crises between 1905 and 1913 . Two between France and Germany over Morocco and two between Austria - Hungary over the Balkans, but each time neither side felt strong enough to risk war . By 1914 the situation had changed when a fresh crisis emerged in the Balkans , now neither side was prepared to back down. , each convinced they could win. Germany had been widening the Kiel Canal , (Kiel was an important naval base ) The Kiel Canal connected the North Sea to the Baltic , some 61 miles ( 98 Kilometres). this widening allowed the larger `Dreadnought ` class battleships to use the canal , saving them having...
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