Challenges to Using a Business Case for Addressing Health Disparities: Article Review

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Article Review 1

Article Review 1
Natalie Matheny
Health 349

In the article read, “Challenges to Using a Business Case for Addressing Health Disparities”, the authors discuss in detail the disparities in health care. They use the business case and social cases of health care disparities to compare and contrast. They describe, in detail, the challenges being faced when trying to address the issues and improve the problems being faced. They also describe why some of the solutions being explored could do more damage than good.

Article Review 1
One of the highest accounted for health care disparities is racial disparities. While it might seem like this should no longer be an issue, People of color currently make up a significant amount of the U.S. population today and are estimated to be a majority by the year 2050. Regardless of the fact that at least one person in a colored family home does work a full time job, it is more than likely a low wage job that causes the household to be a low income family. Low wages for low income families will mean limited access to employee health care benefits for the employee. Challenges

For employers in such a situation as racial disparities, it becomes difficult for the employer to accommodate all the needs of every employee. It becomes another major challenge arising when one is assessing the ROI for interventions (Lurie, Somers, Fremont, Angeles, and Murphy, 2008). No matter which way the employer would choose to go when choosing the health care benefits for the employees, it is practically impossible to make everyone happy. Employers are required to look at the situation as a whole and decide what is best not just for the employees but for the company as well. Lots of medical plans are offered for different types of the facilities. In today’s day and age, the companies will more than likely pay a portion of the benefits for the employee. With that being said, the company has to make sure for a...
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