challenges and strategies for successful graduate study

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  • Published : March 17, 2014
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Challenges and Strategies for Successful Graduate Study
Bianca Robinson
February 10, 2014
Instructor: Cora Anderson

Challenges and Strategies for Successful Graduate Study
Whether in high school, studying for your undergraduate degree or start your journey as a graduate student, challenges will always face you as you study to complete each course. Throughout my years of school I have realized that with each level of education there comes a different level of challenges to go along with it. A lot of people may think of a challenge as a bad thing, though, once you determine strategies that will help you overcome those challenges you can think of it as a learning area instead of a problem area. Time management, staying focused on one job until it is full and being able to balance my everyday life with my school life would be my challenges of my graduate school study. Time Management

Time management is defined as “priority-based structuring of time allocation and distribution among competing demands (“Business Dictionary: Definition,” 2014)." As I started my journey on to completing my master's degree in criminal justice about three weeks ago, I've realized that time management has been my biggest challenge when trying to complete my assignments. In my mind I've always told myself that I will have enough time to complete everything therefore, I'll keep putting it off until the last minute. But, in the end I was only stressing myself out trying to make sure I finished my job on time. One strategy that I have started using and I think it works very well is sitting down and writing down everything that I need to do that week. Once I have done that I decide what time of the day I will set aside each to make sure I get those particular things accomplished. In “Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing,” Linda Kramer states that making a list of things that you have to do and crossing each task off as you complete it is a great strategy...