Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success

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  • Published : July 7, 2013
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Answering a Calling to Graduate Study: Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
Considering the pursuit of a graduate level education is a decision that should be well thought out. Success, whether academic or professional, is something desired by everyone at some point in life. It is important to decide carefully what goals one wants to accomplish and how a graduate degree will help. Once the goals are set, and the decision is made to go back to school, additional research and careful consideration is given in deciding what type of program to attend. There are basic considerations, including program and cost, but the future student should also consider that not all programs are created equal. Graduate study programs often have different objectives and focus (Kuther, PhD, 2013). It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that the program of choice matches his or her desired learning preferences.

I knew I wanted to be a nurse from the time I started college, and it did not take long working in the field to determine that I was meant for health care management. My BSN and management ability has enabled me to work my way up to a senior management position, as the Chief Nursing Officer, at a rural hospital. I believe that by obtaining the MSN/MHA dual degree, doors will continue to open in health care administration.   For this reason, I have found my way back to school and I am a proud virtual student at University of Phoenix (UOPX). Through my life journey, I have worked hard to manage my demanding career while helping my wife raise a family and set a good example for our children. While I am traveling the path to my graduate degree, my goal is to succeed in making good grades and continue to manage my family and my career. In the long-term, I hope my decision to improve myself will reflect upon my children, and they will understand the importance of an education. Professionally, my goals include continuing...
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