Chain of Command

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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With out the chain of command there would be no real order in how we as a whole work. The purpose of the chain of command is to tell people what they can and cannot do. So why we as a grown adults follow the chain of command, it is simple we choose to because of the fact that we raised are right hand and said yes I will. No matter how much we disagree with someone or something we should do it and then ask questions later that is the purpose of the chain without it what would we be. Consequences for disobeying the chain of command inside of the US Army are endless from as small as corrective training, verbal counseling, to being negatively counseled or given an Article 15. No matter what the circumstance's may be you should not go to someone outside of your chain of command first. Even if they are trying to help you, its still not following your chain of command. The people that should find out first about any problem is your NCO. For many reasons. One of the purposes of the chain of command is to keep everyone informed of the situation at hand. The importance of the chain of command is that it provides stability when incidents come about that need to be dealt with. It sets up the structure for which you report all good and bad things, accidents, mistakes, tardiness and so on. All incidents in essence are intended to be dealt with on the lowest level before it is brought up to higher personnel as well as other reasons. It helps build leadership responsibility and common knowledge of how to run a stable work place. It helps people who are or would not normally be able to take control of situations and control how things are ran they can they can take control and help whoever it is with the problem. The chain of command allows for a problems to be dealt with on lower level and try to help this Marine with whatever issues they might be having. This is where the chain of command really starts to come into play. When a problem cannot be solved then the next higher up...
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