Ceramic Industry in Bangladesh

Topics: Marketing, Positioning, Strategic management Pages: 25 (4322 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 1 & 2, December, 2010


Ceramics Tableware Products’ Market Positioning: A
Comparative Study on Leading Companies in Bangladesh
Golam Mohammad Forkan*
Abstract: Many companies are producing ceramic products but very few are producing ceramics tableware products; i. e., Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd., Monno Ceramics Ltd., Artisan Ceramics Ltd., Bengal Fine Ceramics Ltd. etc. This study attempted to understand perceptions of domestic consumers toward leading companies of ceramic industry of Bangladesh through ceramic tableware product s. The study found that, Shinepukur is the market leader, second position is captured by Monno and then others. Consumers prefer the products of Shinepukur for high quality, brand image and nice-looking design. On the other hand, consumers prefer the product of Monno for reasonable price, availability and quality. Very few consumers also buy products of other two leading companies for negligible reasons.

1. Introduction
“Government of Bangladesh has given top priority to the growth of local industries for achieving economic prosperity and creating of job opportunities. Ship building, ceramic, light engineering and small and medium enterprises are in the priority list of the government. It is possible to buy a square foot of tiles for only Tk. 30 now, which was Tk. 130-140 seven to eight years back. It has become possible, as local manufacturers in a bigger way have come into the scenario. Earlier, a major portion of the local demand for the item was met through imports. In the past fiscal year, 21 local leading ceramic ware factories earned more than $35 million from exports of their products to 50 countries. Of the products, ceramic table wares are exported to about 50 countries including, the US and Canada, tiles to India, Nepal and Bhutan, and sanitary wares to the Middle East, specially to the UAE. Besides earning valuable foreign currency, the exporting factories and 24 others manufacturers also cater to the entire demand of domestic market, the size of which has grown to Tk 700 crore in 2008 -09” (bangladesheconomy.wordpress.com).

People are used to household appliances from the very beginning of human civilisation. Habitually human beings are paying attention to aesthetics and are contributing new and newer utensils everyday by their maturity. Ceramic products are these kinds of household utensils. Now-a-days Ceramics Tableware are not only utility, they are also ornaments of showcases and sign of status.

“The art of ceramic is perhaps as old as human civilization. Initially, it started with clay and then passed through stages of molding various media like wood, stone, shell and metal before reaching the age of ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic industry took a formal start in this country in 1958. The main types of ceramics are Abrasives, Advanced Ceramics, Artwares, Biomedical Ceramics, Bisque, Building Ceramics, Ceramic Fiber, Collectables, Composite Ceramics, Cookware, Electronic/Electrical, Fireplaces, Giftware, Glass, Household Items, Kitchenware, Molds, Mosaics, Porcelain Enamel, and Pottery” (www.ceramics-directory.com).


Ceramics Tableware Products’ Market Positioning: A Comparative Study on Leading Companies in Bangladesh

* Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University, Dhaka

“In 2001, Bangladesh had ten ceramics companies but now Bangladesh has more than ten ceramic industry units. Five of them are fairly large and these are Monno Ceramic Industries, Shinepukur Ceramic Industries, Bengal Fine Ceramic Industries, Standard Ceramic Industries and Peoples Ceramic Industries. These companies produce high quality ceramic and porcelain wares. The annual production is about 15,000 tons of ceramic items. Initially, all ceramic industries catered to the domestic market only. Many providers, with help from the research community, are beginning to realize that...
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