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The History of Central Heating Systems
By Brittany Hicken
I. Who invented the central heating system?
A. We don’t know exactly who invented the first one
B. Ancient Romans created the hypocaust
C. Greeks created their own version of the hypocaust
D. Sergius Orata (80 B.C.)
E. Louis Savot- French (1600)
F. Dalsme (1600)
G. Dr. John Clarke (1652)
H. Benjamin Thompson (1796)
I. Count Rumford (1796)
J. William Cook (1745)
K. William Strutt (1805)
L. Eliphalet Knott (1833)
M. Isaac Orr (1836)
N. Professor Warren Johnson (1873)
O. Milton Fessler (1905-1908)

II. What were the changes over time?
A. It was first the hypocaust, we don’t know when it was invented B. Fixed central hearths date back to 2500 B.C., they were excavated in Greece C. An under floor heating system was installed in the house of King Arzawa in Beycesutan, Turkey in 1300 B.C. D. The Romans brought technology to a high standard, by creating systems designed by Sergius Orata E. Crude fireplaces were made around 800 A.D. these were widespread in Europe in the 1300’s F. After the 14th century, the next important event was the chimney. Early chimneys were large, so to allow chimney sweepers to climb into them G. Masonry stoves became very common in the 1500’s

H. Louis Savot invented the raised grate system and designed a circulating fireplace in the early 1600’s I. The way of stove heating soon had advanced. The first free standing stove, or not connected to anything so it’s not mounted to anything, was the Furnus Acapnos or the smokeless stove invented by Dalsme in France in the later days of 1600’s J. The earliest stove to be introduced to North America is the iron box stove invented by Dr. John Clarke in about 1652 K. William Cook was the first to propose the way of steam heating in 1745 L. M. Bonne constructed an actual hot water heating system instead of the steam heating system in the late 1700’s M. William Strutt invented a warm air furnace that included of a riveted, wrought iron air chamber encased with bricks. The rivets help seal the air chamber to be air tight, in 1805. This chamber has ducts fed with heated air into rooms. Strutt’s hot air furnaces were referred to as cockle, belper, or derby stoves N. In 1833, Eliphalet Knott invented the stove with base burners O. In 1836, Isaac Orr invented the airtight stove so there would be no heat loss on the inside chamber P. Professor Warren Johnson taught at a school up in Wisconsin and back then the only way to change the temperature was to run downstairs and tell the janitor to turn the wheel in a way to let either more steam or less steam into the room. He later created and patented a thermostat that relied on compressed air to make the valves work. He then later created the Johnson Electric Service company Q. “Coal-less” Mondays were introduced in 1917 saving coal and stimulating the use for oil and gas since there wasn’t much coal around. R. Milton Fessler invented residential oil burner in California so that residents could have their house easily heated without stoking coal ever hour between 1905-1908 S. By 1926, the Electric Refrigeration News began to publish, “heating had advanced from the campfire to something so silent, so automatic that we just take for granted and ‘just turn the heat on’

III. When did initially stop changing and industries stated introducing something different and not a huge improvement? A. From the mid 1920’s-1936
B. People started to take the silent heating system for granted C. People were inventing little accessories or little parts to go on to the latest thing but nothing much bigger or more important happened

IV. Where did the inventions take place?
A. Rome
B. Greece
C. France
D. The United...
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