Censorship of Advertising

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Nowadays, due to the rapid growth of globalization in every country, both developed and developing nations, every market in the world has transformed into numerous fierce battlefields. The key to winning market shares, or should we say, the deal-breaker advantage for every companies, is advertising. Advertising is a field of expertise which requires a combination of creativity and the ability to persuade and influence customer’s behavior. However, ones’ creativity can appear offensive or vulgar in other’s eyes especially when it connects to highly sensitive topics like sexuality, racism or politics. This paper will look into some specific case of banned advertisings due to its misleading as well as misunderstanding graphic usage. Advertising is a communication tool to easily approach consumers. It persuades people to take actions as to buy goods or services by providing informative and visual messages. Advertising is called ‘a system of magic’ (Craig, 2004); it helps business approach the meaning and values of products to consumers via media industry. Psychologically, advertising gives products an identity formation in public. In order to understand the advertising, consumers must connect the socio-culture and products being advertised. As a result, advertising gives products a meaning code of meaning, which consumers are interested in and to buy the products. However, in order to persuade and attract consumers, advertisers sometimes abuse using misleading language in the adverts, it leads to a falsify advert; therefore, it should be banned. For examples, McDonald’s fries advert was banned in 2003 because of its misleading consumers about its fries (BBC, 2003). According to ASA (Advertising Standard Authority) report, advertisers has put the language in a different context for customers to buy the fries, as “we peel them, slice them, fry them and that’s it”. But there were complaints about the fries that the process of making fries had been left out as...
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