Forms of Advertising

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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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These days everywhere we look there is some form of advertising, with a company trying to persuade us to purchase their product. These ads are found on billboards, TV ads, magazines, bus stops, pop-ups and even shopping bags with Company logo’s, just to name a few. Out of the ads we see every day about twenty percent of them contain some sort of sexual appeal. The problem is not that advertising is everywhere, rather it is the provocative ads that company’s use to sell their brand. The inappropriate ads are placed not just in places where the company’s target market will be, but also where people, mainly young consumers, cannot avoid them. The children seeing these ads can learn from them things, that can confuses there attitude, about the opposite sex as they mature. It is the company’s choice to use this type of advertising, but it should be my choice to view it or not.

What is considered sex or sex appeal in advertising is not always clear. Sex appeal in advertising is any ad containing sexually suggestive behavior, nudity and interaction. Tom Reichert’s “Annual review of sex research” explains the two types of appeal advertiser use in their ads. “Low association” where an attractive person is modeling clothes, is the most common form. Second is “High association” which usually contains nudity and explicit gesturing. These types are used to boost sales with false hopes of a good time or beautiful friends. One problem with these ads is that they are being used on products like bread and soda, which have nothing to do with sex. The company’s justification for using these types of ads is that a boost in sales is good for the economy and controversy creates brand awareness.

Taking a walk down roads such as Sunset Blvd in Hollywood can lead to a fun day of shopping and hanging out with friends and family. It can also lead to a day of viewing one explicit ad after another. Putting these types of ads on billboards and in store fronts gives...
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