Celta Lesson Plan Real Beginner

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  • Topic: Pronoun, Noun phrase, Possessive adjective
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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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| CELTA Lesson Plan|

Teacher:| Kellie Cristhina dos Anjos|
Level:| Real beginner|
Date:| Mar 14th, 2013|
Lesson No.:| 3| Length:| 45’| Start time:| 9:00|
No. of Ss.:| 7| | | Finish time:| 9:45|

MAIN AIM (language/skills): GRAMMAR| By the end of this lesson students will be able to give their e-mails, telephone and talk about their profession.| SUBSIDIARY AIMS:| 1. Students will review the greetings and professions presented in the previous classes. 2. Students will be presented the following possessive adjectives: my, your, his and her|

MATERIALS:| Board, chalk, pictures, handouts, cards.|

CHECKLIST (tick those included in this lesson plan)|
model sentences for target language( x )| concept questions for target language( )| phonology of target language indicated( x )| stages clearly titles and separated( x )| purpose of each stage indicated( x )| anticipated timing included( x )| interaction pattern marked( x )| a board plan (if relevant)( x )| examples of all tasks used( x )|

PERSONAL AIM: | What I hope to demonstrate by the end of this lesson is to present the target language in an engaging and simple manner.| FORM| MEANING| PHONOLOGY| CONCEPT CHECKING QUESTIONS| ANTICIPATED DIFFICULTIES AND SOLUTIONS| possessive adjective + noun + verb to be| The possessive adjectives are used at the beginning of noun phrases.They are pronouns, because they stand for possessive noun phrases| /maɪ//hɪz//hɜːr/strong form /jɔːr/weak form /jər/| There is no need for | MEANING: P: Ss might confuse his/her, you/his and you/her.S: Clarify with pictures, demonstrating and practicing during the practice.| | | | | PRONUNCIATION:P: Ss might pronounce /hær/ instead /hɜːr/.S: Drill the correct pronunciation.| | | | | FORM:P: Ss might use possessive adjectives + noun + complement, forgetting the verb to be.S: Clarify by showing the form on the board.|...
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