Celta Pre-Course Task

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CELTA – Pre-course Task

Section 1: Learners and Teachers, and the Teaching and Learning Context

Task 1
1.Lessons in groups, multilingual groups, open groups, full time or part-time courses, learners with little or no previous formal education, mixed or similar ability groups, mixed gender groups, large or smaller classes, day or evening classes, teachers with English-speaking or non English-speaking background.

2.In any of the aforementioned in the pre-course task sheet contexts.

Task 2
1.The main reason that I decided to teach adults is that adults have made a conscious decision to learn a new language and they are not forced, compared to young learners, to do so. Thus they really want to learn the new language, whatever their motivation or personal reasons are, and they are determined to do their best.

My previous experience of teaching to adults.
My previous experience of learning as an adult (university studies). •Awareness that each individual has his/her own learning style.

3.Adult learners are self-disciplined, motivated and determined to do their best. They also have their own learning style as well as experience they bring with them from previous learning. Finally they have their own specific goals and reasons for learning.

Task 3

1.I would want to find out the reason they want to learn English (their motivation), their language level, as well as their interests and hobbies.

2.By asking them or giving them a questionnaire that I had prepared to fill out.

Task 4
I believe that the most challenging learners would be the ones that their motivations for learning English involve gaining access to employment, studying and researching in English, passing public exams in an English-speaking country, living in an English-speaking country, career, status or job prospects and gaining citizenship.

Task 5
I think that learners most often rate in the top five the following qualities: •has a sense of humor
is patient
gives clear information and feedback
inspires confidence / is enthusiastic and inspires enthusiasm •paces lessons to match the learners

Section 2: Language Analysis and Awareness

Task 6
Associations with the word “Grammar”:
system, language, every-day use, writing, speaking, analysis, complex, difficult, boring, essential, necessary, syntax, meaning.

Task 7
2.Incorrect.  I went to the movies last night.
3.Incorrect.  He often comes late.
5.Incorrect.  Can I have a black coffee, please?

Task 8
Teachers need to be able to help learners with their language and having explicit knowledge of language is necessary to do so. Knowing English Grammar is somehow a must. Through English Grammar, we can understand and be understood when speaking. Using English correctly means that you can help the others understand you in a better way. If a learner produces an incorrect utterance, a teacher not only needs to give a correct model, but should also be able to say why the learner’s version was incorrect. So a teacher who does not know grammar would not be able to answer most of his students' questions.

Task 9
(1) pronoun
(2) indefinite article
(3) conjunction/linker
(4) adverb
(5) adjective
(6) (modal) verb
(7) pronoun
(8) preposition
(9) verb
(10) noun

Task 10

Task 11

Task 12
1. C.
2. E.
3. B.
4. A.
5. D.

Task 13
1.worked  past tense form
2.seeing  -ing form
3.lives  3rd person – present simple tense
4.try  base form
5.handed  past participle form

Task 14
1.hear (heard – heard)  irregular
2.think (thought – thought)  irregular
3.go (went – gone)  irregular
4.do (did – done)  irregular
5.take (took – taken)  irregular
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