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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Provide a reflective account explaining your role and responsibilities as a teacher in relation to the following: Promoting equality and valuing diversity.
Lifelong learning.
Identifying and meeting the needs of learners.
Other professionals.
Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment.
I applied the teaching cycle to each of previous sentences and I will follow the teaching cycle to the following. Identifying and meeting the needs of learners. –Identify Needs. The Spanish for beginner class is designed to help beginning Spanish students, with the fundamentals needed for further learning and study. Students will have an initial test and an interview. This will help me as teacher to identify learner’s needs, and gather information about learner’s expectations. Role as a teacher. - Interviewer, information advisor.

Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. – Plan and Design. These lessons introduce learners to the building blocks of Spanish. And the index is the following:

Frequency: 2 hours per day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Week 1.-The Spanish Alphabet
Week 2.-Pronunciation: The Easy Consonants
Week 3. - Pronunciation: Vowels
Week 4.-Pronunciation: Difficult Consonants
Week 5.-Greetings
Week 6.- Plurals
Week 7.- Gender
Week 8.- Introduction to the Definite Article
Week 9.- introduction to Pronouns
Week 10.-Subject Pronouns
Week 11.-Formal and Informal You ('Usted' and 'Tú')
Week 12.-Capitalization
Week 13. - Stress and Accent Marks
Week 14.-Introductionto Conjugation

Students will learn, recognize, identify and practice each of the subjects, through activities, games, exercises, videos, songs etc. Material: notebook A4, pencil, pen.
Each class will be take it in the class room 102, building C at the Oxford University. Verified with Principal Office. Roles as a teacher: planner, designer organiser, researcher. Promoting equality and valuing diversity.- Deliver

Give students an...
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