Cellphones at School

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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I don’t think that cell phones should be completely banned from school campuses. Cell phones are a crucial aspect in a teenager’s everyday life. Most people use cell phones for more than texting and playing games during class. A lot of people use cell phones to communicate with their parents and for emergency purposes.

If a student needs to communicate what they’re doing after school, where they’re going, or even if a students parents need to tell their child what time they are going to be picked up, they need a cell phone to do it. Without it a student will be helpless after school with nowhere to go if something comes up with their ride home.

The fourth amendment states that you need a warrant to search any student who is suspected of having a cell phone on them if they refuse to be searched. Going through all of that trouble takes a lot of time and money that will end up taking so much time that a student won’t get the education that he would get.

Also, cell phones can be a major part in today’s technology and society. Personally I have used my phone in every class whether it’s a great way to keep track of your assignments by writing them down, looking up an answer that you can’t find anywhere or using them is a calculator. In my opinion you can always get good use out of them for your work.

In conclusion, I think that phones are a very helpful tool in school not only for communicating with your parents but with schoolwork, using them as planners, or using them as calculators. A lot of adults over look cell phones because when they were in high school they didn’t have the technology we have and see phones as useless distractions that do nothing but get you into trouble. Always remember that there are many uses for them and you should never be to quick to overlook them.
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