Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Charles Barnard
Mrs. Allen
English 10
November 6, 2012
Why Cell phones Should Be Allowed In Schools
I believe that students should be allowed to have their phones available to them during school hours. The administrators of our school have shunned the use of cell phones at all time during school hours. We can’t even have them within reach. If they’re not in our lockers or cars then you run the risk of it being confiscated. I believe that if administrators allow phone use in schools then grades will become much better. Some schools in Texas, including my old school, allowed phones to be used regulary. Students had much better grades than in Jenks where phone use is prohibited. One reason why teachers and administrators ban the use of phones is because they believe that students wouldn’t pay attention and wouuldn’t be able to learn what they’re talking about. I disagree with this because mostly everyone at Jenks secretly checks their phones in every class. Even people making straight A’s in AP classes check them. One reason that phones should be allowed in schools is because if you need to make an emergency call to your parents, you could make the call right then and there. Insteaed of waiting to be able to go to the office and hopefully be able to call them. In 1999, there was a shooting at Columbine Highschool. There were several kids murdered. After that students wanted the use of phones, so that they could reach out to people and tell them that they were okay. Also to guide them through safely. I hope that very soon, the board has a meeting and makes the use of cell phones legal in classrooms and hallways.
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