Celebrities Are Not the Best Role Models for Teens

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  • Published : September 13, 2012
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If you open a magazine or a newspaper, often the first thing you see is an article about the latest celebrity getting arrested or going to jail. In my opinion celebrities are not the best role models for teenagers. Their images are photoshopped making teens think the models and celebrities look perfect, and they are often misquoted making teenagers believe things that are not true.

A lot of the time the heavy pressure celebrities are under by the media and their fans causes them to break. Often turning to things like alcohol and drugs. When this happens the media post it everywhere and this is not good for teenagers to be seeing on a daily basis. It is making them think that drugs and alcohol are okay and that is what you turn to when things get hard. For example when Lindsay Lohan went off the rails and got arrested the media were all over it and her story was posted in every magazine.

Celebrities images are photoshopped almost all of the time, drastically changing their appearance and hiding any flaws they may have. Our teenagers are becoming less self confident because they think celebrities are perfect and they compare themselves to them, and some teens are even resorting to things like anorexia and bulimia.

The media often misquote things celebrities say, sometimes even twisting their words to make people believe things that are not true. For example if a celebrity said you are only cool if you have a tattoo, more then half of our teenagers will believe this and want one. We do not realize this but celebrities have a lot of control over what our teenagers think and do.

In summary celebrities are not the best role models for teenagers because they are making them think drugs and alcohol are okay. Their images are being photoshopped changing their looks dramatically, and causing teens to think that celebrities are flawless, lowering their self confidence. Finally most things celebrities say are believed by our teenagers and they are starting to...
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