Celebrity Role Models

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You always read something new about the hottest celebrity every week, it's always something bad. They either got arrested, is pregnant, or is caught up in some sort of sex scandal. Eventually, young children and teens read tabloids and watch the news and see their celebrity "role models" doing one of those things. Children with no common sense would go out and try to be like them. No one actually wants to be someone who has done something great. Think about it, everyone wants to be like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan and no one wants to be Amelia Earheart or Hilary Clinton. I'm obviously against celebrities as role models.

Do celebrities make good role models? No. There are probably more vitamins in a piece of chocolate cake than there are truly positive role models among today's stars. You can usually spot the bad role models- the ones who pose nude, drive drunk, get caught using drugs and having babies they neglect. Bad role models send wrong messages about modesty, sexual purity, body image, alcohol, smoking, drugs, suicide, crime, violence, greed, eating disorders, relationships and rebelling against authority and parents. How do you relate to someone you don't even talk to or hang out with? The message most celebrities send is that life is great when you think only about yourself, buy everything you want, spend a lot of time trying to look hot and have fun, fun, fun. These things don't sound harmful, do they? The thing is, if you're trying to have a celebrity-inspired life, you're opening yourself up to three dangers.

First, you're going to end up frustrated and unhappy when life continues as normal-when you're still what you might think of as "average" compared to your teen idols.You're still going to be stuck in your living room wishing you can have the live of someone else. You can actually miss out on a lot of things if you're constantly focused on being glamorous, trendy, or wealthy. It's easy to miss out on, or...
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