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My name in April Bonilla and I was born on December 20, 1977 which makes me 34 years old. I was born into a single parent family and was raised by my Mother. Aside from myself, my Mother also gave birth to my three younger brothers. Growing up I did my best to help take care of my brothers which also motivated me to get a job at a young age. I began to babysit for my neighbors and family friends so I could contribute money to my family. Watching children was enjoyable and interesting; therefore, I chose to take a child development course while attending High School. Unfortunately, after High School I needed to work full time so I had to put my dream of going to college on hold. Although I had a strong desire to get the credentials to work with children, life took me down a different path.

I started working fulltime in a trucking company and during that time I took a test to work for a communications company. Shortly after I started working for Verizon in the sales service department. During holiday co- workers would bring their children in and somehow I would end up sitting playing and entertaining the children. I always enjoyed spending time with them.

In 2003 I decided two leave Verizon so I could pursue my dream and work with children. By January 2004, I opened my own childcare center with a friend. A great deal of work was put into the center. While setting the child care center up, I was also planning my wedding. Although it was hard work everything worked out. My wedding was in April of 2004 and as soon as I returned from my honeymoon, the daycare was officially open for business. Now I am a proud mother of two great boys, Gavin who is 7 and Landon who is 3, and I also have a successful business that has been open for 8 years, it was the best of both worlds.
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