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Many customers shopping for complete CCTV monitoring systems are confused and overwhelmed by the variety of available cameras and DVRs. Researching the products individually doesn't help a user's understanding because what he or she will see are long lists of specifications filled with technical jargon. As there is a lot of information to consider when purchasing and installing security equipment, we have compiled our knowledge and expertise and share them through the articles below. We hope that these will help clients understand surveillance systems, make informed decisions and succeed with their projects.


CCTV Cameras Are Affordable

Surveillance cameras have been around for some time. Like most electronic products, security cameras were expensive and were too costly for individuals and homeowners when they first came out. As the years went by however, the prices of security cameras went down. Now, even average citizens could afford to buy their own security systems. They are a wise investment for home users and business owners alike. They could save the lives of loved ones and will continue to pay for themselves by preventing damage and loss of valued property.  

CCTV Cameras For Enhanced Security

Due to a booming population, increasing scarcity of jobs and growing drug problems especially in urban cities, the number of burglaries and criminal activities in business and residences have increased in the past years. Having a security system is therefore becoming a requirement not only for banks and organizations typically employing tight security but also for small businesses and residences. A good alternative to hiring security guards is to install security cameras. For home owners, it allows monitoring of activities inside (keeping an eye on children, baby sitters and maids) and outside (checking people and vehicles entering, exiting and passing by) the house. For businesses, it allows monitoring not only petty crimes like pilferage but also daily operations like employee attendance and treatment of customers.  

Besides doing a fantastic job of recording wrongdoings for use as evidence in court cases, CCTV cameras also prevent and deter crime. Burglars, thieves and criminals are known to survey their targets' activities and properties before striking. When a burglar, thief or wrongdoer sees a security camera at a house or office building, he or she will think twice before invading that property. In the best case, he or she will go away and look for an easier target. At the worst, he or she will not be as quick and effective in performing the crime as he or she will do his or her best to avoid being seen. Thus if your CCTV cameras haven't recorded any crime in the recent past, it may be an indicator that your CCTV is effective in detering crime.  

CCTV Cameras For Process Control

CCTV cameras are also used in factory and office environments as an effective management tool. It can be used as a tool for observing hazardous or critical processes and monitoring product or service quality. For improvement activities, it is a viable replacement for hired data gatherers. To get operational data, managers can review video from CCTV to get a unbiased look at what is actually happening in their organizations.  

Busy business owners will extremely benefit from installing a CCTV system. Instead of physically visiting each business and wasting precious time, they can monitor them remotely over the internet.


Every CCTV system is only as good and reliable as its weakest component. It doesn't make sense to invest in a high performance DVR if you have sub-standard CCTV cameras and to invest in quality CCTV cameras if you have a low performance DVR. In buying any electronic device, there are a few good,...
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