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Change & Continuity
Over Time Essay

• To evaluate your ability to analyze
historical changes and continuities that
have shaped events, social, political,
economic developments in history and
ability to gauge your analysis of global
• This is really a high-level analysis of

• This essay question deals specifically with
analysis of continuities and changes over
time covering at least one of the periods in
the course outline. It addresses, for
example, technology, trade, culture,
migrations, or environment. The continuity
and change over time questions require
analysis of process and explanation of
causation with specific examples.

What you need to be able to do:
- Recognize it as it occurs in history.
- Identify & Understand the causes of
-Recognize factors which remain the same
throughout an entire period
-Identify & Understand factors which allow
this to continue

• Must discuss, utilize concrete detail and
analyze changes that occurred relevant to
the prompt and correctly!
• If the prompt discusses command terms
(social and political) you need to focus on
political and social changes.
• If your prompt is more vague, you need to
think of aspects to base your analysis
•  by the end of the course we will have
regional CCOT charts!

• The prompt also asks you to address
continuities, generally these are patterns
or cultural tendencies that remain stagnant
for years and years.
• Example: Think of role of women,
religions, philosophies or clash/conflict
between the social classes.
• You need to have concrete detail to back
up your continuity however.

• IN order to completely get all credit for
CCOT, you need to address the starting
point. In order to analyze changes, you
must discuss what it was like before.
However, pay attention to time period.
• Thus, given the prompt, your essay may
require starting point, transition, ending
condition OR
• Starting POINT  Ending condition.
• Pre-Write is mandatory for this reason.

The Directions
Directions: You are to answer the following
question. You should spend 5 minutes
organizing or outlining your essay. Write an
essay that:
• Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis
with appropriate historical evidence
• Addresses all parts of the question
• Uses historical context to show change over
time and continuities

You must identify the change AND make it clear
why that change occurred.
NO  Prior to 1948 the Jewish people had no
homeland. In 1948, Israel was established.
YES  In the Early 20th century, few people saw a
need for the establishment of an independent
Jewish state. However, once the world realized
the massive genocide of Jews that took place
during World War II, support for the
establishment of Israel began to grow.



1) Has acceptable thesis.
(Addresses the global issues and
the time period specified.)


2) Addresses all parts of the
question (though not necessarily
evenly or thoroughly)


•Addresses most parts of the
3) Substantiates thesis with
appropriate historical evidence


•Partially substantiates thesis with
appropriate historical evidence
4) Uses historical context effectively
to show change over time and/or
5) Have you analyzed the process
of CCOT?





Expands beyond basic core of 1 to 6
points. A student must earn 7 points in
the basic core area before earning
points in the expanded core area.
•Has a clear, analytical, and
comprehensive thesis.
•Addresses all relevant parts of the
question: global issues chronology,
causation, change, continuity, content.
•Addresses all parts of the question
•Shows careful and insightful analysis of
the documents.
•Provides ample historical evidence to...
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