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MU 2.4 Task1
Policy Statement
The health, safety and welfare of children, staff and visitors to Thornhill Lower School are a priority of the Governing Body of the School. The Governing Body recognises its responsibility to maintain high standards of health and safety and will take all reasonable steps to fulfil this responsibility. The Governing Body will pay particular attention to meeting the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and all the relevant statutory requirements. In order to achieve these objectives the Governing Body will: * Determine the management arrangements for implementing the policy * Set out the arrangements for ensuring policy requirements are achieved; and * Review the policy on a regular basis and make revisions as appropriate Management Arrangements

Governing Body
The Governing Body is responsible for drawing up the Health and Safety Policy, ensuring the appropriate management procedures and systems of work are developed, agreed, implemented and reviewed to ensure the effectiveness of this policy. The Head teacher

The Head teacher is responsible for the day to day implementation of the policy, for ensuring that staff is aware of their responsibilities and for bringing issues to the attention of the Governing Body. The School’s Arrangements  

 Accidents and dangerous occurrences
Ensuring adequate assessment of significant risks, which may form hazards in educational activities, is made and appropriate measures are in place to ensure safe practice; Making arrangements to deal with premises management issues, e.g. Repair and maintenance of buildings, control of contractors and implementation of emergency procedures. Ensuring that accidents and hazards are recorded, reported as appropriate to the LEA and the Health and Safety Executive and that appropriate remedial action is taken. Maintenance of the Accident Books held by the School Secretary in the office (major) and in the medical room (minor). All accidents and dangerous occurrences will be investigated and the Head teacher is responsible for ensuring any necessary remedial action is implemented. Fire Safety

All staff will receive training in fire safety arrangements at the start of the academic year or when they commence employment. Emergency exit routes will be clearly marked and kept free from obstruction, emergency exit doors must be kept unlocked while the school is occupied. Fire alarm checks will take place once a month by Mrs Harris.  These are manual alarms and are located at the front and rear entrances, the Master alarm also has a Fire alarm facility and this is also tested at the same time.  Fire extinguishers are inspected once a year by Kent Fire Prevention Officers and the school is advised of additional safety measures which need to be addressed. Escape routes are checked once a month and any defaults recorded and rectified.  All main classrooms, office, kitchen, staffroom and hall have Fire Evacuation procedures displayed.  Full emergency evacuation of the school will be carried out twice a term, once notified and one with no prior warning.  Times taken should be within two minutes. Fire Procedures

In the event of a fire staff must…
1. Operate the nearest fire alarm to signal the evacuation of the building. 2. Lead children quietly and in an orderly manner to their assembly point in front of the Air Raid Shelter. 3. The Head teacher or Secretary will bring all registers to the assembly point to enable a count of pupils to take place. 4. Follow the fire route exit guides displayed in all classrooms, administration and activity rooms in use. 5. Know that fire extinguishers are located in classrooms, staffroom and kitchen. A regular check is made by the Head of fire evacuation procedures and that escape routes are clearly visible in all areas of the school. Hazards  

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act states ….”It shall be the duty of every employee while at work:...
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