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Teachers are an integral part of the Department of Education, the largest agency in the Philippine government with about half a million teachers and support staff. The department administers and supervises both the public and private elementary/primary and secondary schools which are referred to as the two levels in basic education. It is “a complex learning organization that develops, promotes, provides, and ensures basic education responsive to the internal, external, and emerging learning needs” (DECS Service Manual, 2000). An interesting conceptualization of teaching is something that takes place only when learning does. Regardless what the teacher is doing in his classes; if his students are not learning something significant; he is considered not teaching well and when the students failed, the teacher failed more. As such, a potent evaluation tool and appropriate assessment system is used to reflect this purpose and respect the dignity of the students and how learning take its score (Aquino, 1989). The purpose of research is to serve man and the goal of research is to make life better. Hence, effective assessment tool is directed to improve the teaching and learning process. The competence of teachers is a factor that is necessary and its effects on students follows through a working feedback mechanism scheme leading to the attainment of learning goals and the objectives of effective learning (Punzalan, 2005). In this study, “Competency Based-Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (CB-PAST) and their Socio-demographic Factors in Relation to National Achievement Test (NAT) of Second year students in Kidapawan City Division” will be evaluated to determine how the teachers’ CB-PAST affects their respective disposition in relation to the National Achievement Test (NAT) given annually which includes the age, gender, civil status, educational attainment, length of service and appointment. The data to be gathered will be used as basis of reference for improving the students’ achievement with the teachers CB-PAST as an entity for comparison. The seven public secondary schools of Kidapawan City Division are Juan P. Jalipa Memorial National High School (JPJMNHS), Kalaisan National High School (KNHS), Spottswood National High School (SNHS), Saniel-Cruz National High School(SCNHS),Mt.Apo National High School (MANHS),Linangkob National High School (LNHS)and Juan L. Gantuangco School of Arts and Trade (JLGSAT). These schools are all under Kidapawan City Division. These schools are performing well in Regional and Division Achievement Tests given every year as per records compiled in the division office, but the scores have low performance levels in National Achievement Test specifically in Mathematics, Science and English. Hence, the researcher was prompted to undertake the investigation in order to determine the relationship of teachers CB-PAST and students’ performance in NAT and to institute necessary measures to improve the teaching-learning process and to improve assessment results.

Statement of the Problem
This study was focused on the CB-PAST and the teacher’s socio-demographic characteristics in relation to NAT result of second year students in Kidapawan City Division. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the socio-demographic profile of public secondary school teachers in the Division of Kidapawan City? 2. What is the level of performance of the public secondary school teachers based from the CB-PAST? 3. What is the NAT performance of Public Secondary School students? 4. Do the socio-demographic characteristics of public secondary school teachers significantly influence their performance based from their CB-PAST? 5. Do the socio-demographic characteristics of the public secondary school teachers significantly influence their students’ NAT performance in English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan and...
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