Causes of Sleep Deprivation

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Causes Of Sleep Deprivation
Sleep is very important in our daily lives and we need about eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep helps the brain commit new information. When you have lack of sleep it is difficult to get up in the mornings, you feel sleepy throughout the day, and you’re just not feeling your best. Lifestyle is the biggest and most common cause of sleep deprivation. It affects the ability to sleep well in an individual’s life. Some people do not realize how their sleeping conditions might interfere with their daily routines. Having a poor quality of sleep means while being asleep, you’re staying in the lighter stages of sleep and not entering the deep refreshing stages needed to fully recharge. Finding yourself constantly waking up in the night is a sign of poor quality of sleep. Poor quality of sleep can be caused by stress, worry, excitement, illnesses and some medical problems. Lack of sleep can even cause you to gain weight. Some reasons why people do not get enough are having a job, participating in sports, and having to do school work.

Although having a job as a teenager is beneficial because you can make money, it can cause you to lose a lot of sleep. Working those late night shifts on a school night can take away many hours of your sleep. You could be staying up late after work to finish your homework that is due the next day. Having to worry about your job and homework, causes stress and could cause your grades to decrease. There's also a growing sense that shift work could be taking a serious toll on their health. People who do shift work tend to have sleep disturbances and sleep loss. They might feel isolated, since their job cuts them off from their friends and families.

Many teenagers enjoy going out for sports but it can cause having sleep problems. Any kind of sport practice or game could go late due to overtime, injuries, timeouts, etc. Whether you have a job or homework to finish, it could lead you to staying up late....
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