Topics: Nursing, Geriatrics, High school Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Alyssa Impeduglia
Eng 111-201
Cause/Effect Essay
Not Just a Career, it’s a Calling
As a child, I always pictured myself growing up and being a princess just like every other little girl in America. That fairytale quickly changed when my first little brother was born. My life was changed forever. I loved taking care of him. I guess that was when my first real instinct to become a caregiver kicked in. The feeling I got when I was needed by him was the best feeling I could ever have. I especially loved to give him his antibiotics or take his temperature.

My brother’s birth was only the beginning of my passion for the medical field. My second was actually an animal science class in middle school. The medicine and medical procedures were fascinating. Performing routine shots was always very fun and interesting for me to do. That class led me to pursue Allied Health program in high school. Going through the classes’ terminology, health occupations, and nursing fundamentals gave me the opportunity to receive my Certified Nursing Assistant certification before leaving high school. Clinical during the NA I program was where I first fell in love with Cleveland Pines Nursing Facility and the residents there. I honestly have never felt that I belonged somewhere as much as I feel it in that facility. I have a huge heart in Geriatrics and I know that is where I am called to be in life. Its always been said that you have to have a special soul to work with the elderly, and I was very fortunate to be born with it. I am currently in the NA II program at Cleveland Community College. This course is teaching me a lot more skills and only intensifying my drive to learn more and ultimately become a nurse. Becoming a nurse is the next step to reaching my final goal of being the Director of Nursing at a nursing home facility. Being a student a Gardner-Webb will enable me to reach my goals in life and also fulfilling the calling in my heart.

My brother, animal...
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