Catalysts of Growth in China and India

Topics: Typeface, Writing Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Assignment One: Individual Essay

Summary Guidance:

This essay is worth 35% of your overall module mark.

You need to choose one of the essay topics shown in the box on the next page.

* The main body of your essay should be five sides in length and written in Arial font size 11 (single spacing). * You must have an additional cover page (available from the Student Advice Centre) that clearly states the name of your tutor (the person that takes you for tutorials) on the front. * References should be written on an additional sheet, or sheets, at the end. * The Harvard referencing system must be used.

Important Notes:
As you are now in your final year on a degree course you are expected to research your own information. This makes for more varied work as you are not constrained by a set reading list. Moreover, it gives you more freedom to try to generate your own, individual perspectives. However, you may wish to ask your tutor for some guidance.

The essay titles are quite broad so that you have a wide degree of interpretation. Whatever, approach/angle you choose should be fully justified in your opening paragraph(s).

Your paper will be marked according to the current DMU grade descriptors and marks will be awarded for: The logical development and depth of your argument, research, measured critical analysis and the uniqueness of your interpretation. Marks will be awarded for the ‘professional look’ of your work.


The deadline for submission on Turnitin is 16.00 on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013 (DMU week 17). Your work must be submitted on to Turnitin (via the module blackboard site). Essays that are not on Turnitin will not be marked and will receive a mark of zero. You do not have to submit a hard/paper copy to the SAC.

Essay Titles:

1. Critically evaluate the main catalysts to growth in China and India. 2. Debate the view that unemployment will rise in the Western World as the economic strength of the...
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