Cash Crops of Pakistan

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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"The crops which are grown in Pakistan in abundance & earn foreign exchange for the country are called cash crops"


Pakistan is an agricultural country & seventy percent of her population lives on agriculture.These crops not only fulfill the local needs of food but also a great part of them is exported abroad to earn foreign exchange.

Types Of Crops:

There are basically two types of crops

Food Crops &

non-food crops
The most important crops of Pakistan are, cotton,rice,tobacco,fruit & vegetables and seeds oils.

Now we will explain these crops one by one.


Cotton is the crop which earn the highest amount of foreign exchange for Pakistan. It is grown in Punjab, Sind And N.W.F.P. For the last decade it has been victim of different kinds of plant diseases. Fine quality, ready made garments are prepared from cotton. It is one of the best industries of the Pakistan. Pakistani cotton is liked in all over the world due to its fine quality.

2. Rice:

Rice is the second best cash crops of Pakistan. It is grown in Punjab,Sind And N.W.F.P. Fine quality of rice,like Basmati is exported in Malaysia and others European countries as they have a lot of demand everywhere in the world. Pakistan enjoys a very good export of rice and earn foreign exchange for the country.


Tobacco is also one of the cash crop of Pakistan. It is grown in Punjab,Sind & N.W.F.P.

The soil of Pakistan is very suitable for this crop. Tobacco industry provide jobs to workers in the field at the time of crop production & also provide jobs in factories. The areas around Peshawar is very rich of Virgina crop production, which is the world famous quality of tobacco. It is consumed on large scale in the country but its export is not affected by its consumption.

Fruit And Vegetables:

Fruit and vegetables also earn foreign exchange for the country. Fruit like mangoes,apples,grapes and oranges and vegetables like onions and potatoes are...