Objective Statement

Topics: Central Asia, Afghanistan, Master's degree Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Objective statement.
Afghanistan is a country which surrounded by mountains it has proper climate for agricultural activities. By the three decades war destroyed majority of industries and crafts that our country has enough sources to provides raw material but up to now the situation of country is not prepare for these activities so therefore nowadays agriculture can complete the most needs of our country. By this importance of agriculture first time in entry test I took decision to complete my study in the mentioned field especially in animals’ sciences which the Afghanistan climate and topographic location is more Propertius for animal rearing about (75) percent people engaged in agriculture majority of afghan residents lives in suburbs and every family most has one or more than one animals. In Afghanistan ( ) amount of cow, ( ) amount of sheep’s and goats ( ) and ( ) chickens exist. that Afghanistan is a poor country and majority of Afghanis suffered by malnutrition so to fulfill of that shortage is necessary to give more attention animals sciences before of war Afghanistan aimed their economic ( ) percent from animals products but now we import most foods from other countries and we spend most money by purchasing food if we improve and we work in this field we can make our country (خودکفا) and we can also export our products to another countries Afghanistan is famous in sheep caraculs rearing which says Afghanistan is domestic place for that breed and every year export ( ) caraculs to another countries. Problems:

As Afghanistan is propitious for agriculture and animals rearing in this field exists following problems. 1. Nonentity of artificial breed of animals.
2. Mismanagement in rearing of animals.
3. Lack of knowledge about animals rearing.
4. Existence of diseases.
5. Climatically situations.
6. Lack of complete feeds.
7. Overgrazing.
8. Uncompleted vaccination system.
9. There is no...
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