Casey Anthony Time Line

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by Leigh Lundin
date| | event|
2005| | Caylee Anthony born to Casey Anthony, no father listed on birth certificate. Registered nurse Cindy and former homicide detective George Anthony were unaware their daughter was pregnant until the 7th month.| 2008| |  |

16-Jul| | (Readers may find instructive the fine detail of the 31 days Caylee Anthony was ‘missing’ at| 17-Mar
2008| | Computer in Anthony home used to google chloroform, possibly stemming from a joke posted by Casey’s then boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, with caption: “Win her over with chloroform.”| 19-Mar

2008| | Casey Anthony receives a birthday check from her 80-year-old grandmother and uses the routing number to steal money from the account.| 21-Mar
2008| | Computer in Anthony home used to conduct second web search regarding chloroform. Totals: "84 hits, a little over 3 minutes in total,” according to computer forensics expert.| 09-Jun
2008| | Casey Anthony tells parents she still works at Universal Studios after leaving Caylee with a babysitter "Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez" ("Zannie the nanny") at Sawgrass Apartments.| 15-Jun

2008| | On this Father’s Day, Cindy Anthony takes granddaughter Caylee to visit Cindy’s father at an assisted living facility. This is the last date Caylee is seen alive.| 16-Jun
2008| | Casey tells friends Cindy wants her to move out of the house. Investigators believe Caylee died this day. On opening day of testimony, defense contends Caylee drowned this day in family swimming pool.| 18-Jun

2008| | Casey backs car into garage, which she seldom if ever does. She borrows shovel from neighbor.| 24-Jun
2008| | George Anthony reports his gas cans with $50 of gas missing, but unexpectedly finds cans in car. Missing a gas cap, he places duct tape over the opening of one can.| 25-Jun
2008| | Jesse Grund will tell detectives he believes he heard Caylee in the background during a phone conversation with Casey, probably on the 24th or 25th of June.| 27-Jun
2008| | Tony Lazzaro picks up Casey at Amscot at Goldenrod Road and East Colonial Drive (Highway 50), Orlando where she abandons car, claiming it ran out of gas, and they attend the Fusion nightclub. Casey tells friends Caylee is with nanny at the beach.| 30-Jun

2008| | Anthony’s Pontiac Sunbird towed by Johnson’s Wrecker East from Amscot. Foul odor noticed.| 01-Jul
2008| | Casey receives permission from Jesse Grund to shower at his place.| 02-Jul
2008| | Casey Anthony shoulder tattooed with "bella vida" (beautiful life). She sets another appointment for 19 July at which time she promises to bring her daughter.| 03-Jul
2008| | Casey texts then leaves voicemail for Jesse Grund begging him not to say anything to her mother if she calls.| 04-Jul
2008| | Casey tells friends her daughter is with her nanny at SeaWorld.| 06-Jul
2008| | In an effort to communicate with Casey, Cindy Anthony establishes MySpace account.| 07-Jul
2008| | Casey Anthony writes in MySpace: "What is given can be taken away. Everyone lies, everyone dies."| 12-Jul
2008| | Cindy and George demand to see Caylee. Casey refuses.| 14-Jul
2008| | George Anthony makes four phone calls to convicted felon Vasco Thompson. Anthony and Thompson indicate they do not know each other and calls may have been due to transposed numbers of George’s new work number.| 15-Jul

2008| | Anthonys retrieve their car from Johnson’s Wrecker. Stench, possibly decomposition, very noticeable.| 15-Jul
2008| | Cindy Anthony locates Casey and calls 911 to report Casey stole their car, adding it smells like a "dead body". Cindy calls back minutes later to report Caylee missing for a month.| 16-Jul

2008| | Detectives arrest Casey Anthony after she directs investigators to her purported employer, Universal Orlando Resort, where she’s forced to admit she hadn’t worked there since 24 April...
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