Antwon Fisher

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Advanced Assessment

SOWK 504


By: Ashley Soehn


This paper is an advanced assessment of Antwone Fisher as he is portrayed in the film

Antwone Fisher. This will be a hypothetical advanced assessment done by me, who

will act as his therapist. The film is a true story about a man going through numerous

obstacles and hardships before joining ten U.S. Navy. He undergoes other issues while

on duty and is ordered to see a therapist. This paper will explore Antwone's past and

present issues, look into client systems, bring out his strengths and explore and assess

his past and current behaviors. This paper will also integrate a Bio-Psycho-Social-

Spiritual assessment tool and Ego psychology.


Client Systems

Antowne has many individuals that have an impact on his life throughout the film.

The first is Antwones biological mother Eva Mae Fisher. Antwone's biological mother

was just a teenager when she became pregnant with him. She was arrested soon after

and was put in jail where she gave birth to Antwone. His biological father was killed

before he was born. Antwone has no known biological siblings, close friends or

friends in the community.

The next individuals who have had a significant impact on Antwone's life are his

foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Tate and Nadine Tate. When Antowne's mother did not

claim him after being released from incarceration, the Tate family became his foster

at the age of two years old. Later in the film, Cheryl, Aunt Annette and Dr. Jerome

Davenport are introduced. Aunt Annette is his biological aunt who he later connects

with, Cheryl becomes a romantic interest and Dr. Davenport is his therapist. A

genogram is provided on the back page.

Influential Circumstances

The biggest influential circumstance that is related to Antwones current difficulties

his involvement in the U.S. Navy. The navy has been an overall positive impact on his

life. However, having such a rough past has caused Antwone to be a very

temperamental man with a violent temper. This temper caused him to get into a fight ADVANCED ASSESSMENT 4

with a fellow sailor causing him to be demoted, restricted to ship for forty five days and

has to seek psychiatric treatment. This is where Dr. Davenport comes into Antwone's


Referral Source

Because this assessment was based on a character in a film, this portion of the

assessment is not applicable. However, since he was referred to a therapist in the film

it could be assumed that I, as the therapist, would be completing this assessment as if I

was in Dr. Davenports shoes.

Client SystemProblems/Difficulties

The first difficulty is Antowne being born to his young mother while in jail and then

being placed in an orphanage until she was released and could claim him. At the age

of two when Antowne's mother had not claimed him, he was placed into a foster home

with a religious family known as the Tate family. After suffering emotional and physical

abuse from Mrs. Tate, Antwone left his home at the age of fourteen and lived on the

streets for...
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