Cases Unclosed

Topics: Emilio Aguinaldo, Philippines, President of the Philippines Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: March 23, 2013
cases unclosed
cases unclosed

Andres Bonifacio
I feel sad after watching the documentary film of Andres Bonifacio because his death is a justified execution for treason and a murder fueled by political politics. Seing what's going on in our country now, and reading about what has happened before, I don't really see much difference. It's all about people not getting along, egos, ambitions and alliances. If they were just united during that time I think they will be successful in their mission of defending our country from enemies and gain the independence that they were hoping for. I admire Andres Bonifacio not just for being a self-educated man but also for his courage to organize a secret society called Katipunan. I think what happen to the Tejeros convention was a big mistake because he don’t deserve to be insulted by Daniel Tirona just because of his educational attainment. That is why I understand him when he left and declared the results of the election null and void in his capacity as the Supremo of the Katipunan. And just because of this, he was executed together with his brother in Maragondon Cavite. It is really absurd unfair and I am very disappointed with what had happened because unlike other Filipino heroes who were killed by enemies they were killed by our fellow Filipinos.

Antonio Luna
Like what had happened to Bonifacio it would have been more acceptable if it was our enemies’ bullets that shot and killed Antonio Luna but no; it was rather the hands of our own fellow Filipinos who inflicted him with not less than 40 wounds. It would even be more worth it if he died of fighting for the country but no, he was a victim of those cowards and traitors lurking behind the masks of “defenders of the country”. Inspite of his low temperance I considered Antonio Luna as one of the great men of history because he has determination to fight and defend our country from Americans. He is also well prepare to fight and had this courage...
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