Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, Government, Corazon Aquino Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 8, 2013

Vigilantes, rebels, ordinary citizens and the government – this is what the film consists of with dry barren lands, unpaved roads and small town as the setting. This is a situation where peace and freedom is difficult to achieve. Nowadays, we are already modernized, living lives in the city and not wondering if this still occurs. Us teens do not really bother what’s with other parts of the country, we only live in a small world, mostly in cyber world but only focusing on entertainment and fun. But does the scene shown in the film really present today?

In the story, it was Marcos’ regime when the foreign priest was shot by the so-called orapronobis just because of complaining on what they are doing. At the time martial law ended, our country became democratic and people were non-violent with the lead of Corazon Aquino. That is what everyone thought. But the film just showed me that it is not. It is just orapronobis had been considered vigilantes so the church and the government do not really interfere with their laws and acts even they still kill innocent people. Innocent or rebel, it is still not right to just arrest someone without any proof who they really are as a citizen. Many families had suffered for the loss of a relative especially Jimmy who had been an ex-priest, ex-rebel and advocate for Human Rights, whom his ex-girlfriend back then together with his son got inhumanely killed by Commander Kontra.

Now, this moment where Aquino is our president, we do not focus about this matter. We are too busy minding our own lives. There are no news reports about this. But after I had watched the film, I feel a little upset with how our government works. They are too much busy making our country as wealthy as possible not thinking on some poor rural areas where groups such as orapronobis still exist and many men, women and children were brutally killed. I personally did not think that this is still happening but as I had heard on the forum done...
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